Jakarta - Apotek K-24 proved its professionality as the best National Franchise Pharmacy Chain in Indonesia again by winning Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2017. This award was given to 22 franchise brands which were considered to have fast growth in digital world. Those franchise brands are chosen by various consideration which is one of them is the brand’s popularity among customers.

Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award 2017 is an award given based on the research done by Franchiseglobal.com cooperating with Tras N Co Research and IMFocus which is a Certified Google Partner. There are 76 categories of franchise business in Indonesia which are surveyed since April to June 2017. In order to get this award, a brand has to fulfill the requirement and reach the minimal point which is decided by Tras N Co,

This year, the requirement is stricter because a brand has to be recorded in Google search engine by resulting at least 5000 search results. Besides, the minimal total point which should be achieved is 15%. That point is higher than the minimal total point of last year’s survey which was 10%. By stricting the requirement, the chairman of Tras N Co  Research, Tri Raharjo, said that the survey result of franchise brand this year has higher quality necaise those brands are proven to dominate the market, both offline and online.

Various service given by Apotek K-24 such as opens for 24 hours non stop, selling 100% original medicine, same price during day, night, and holiday, free medicine consultation with professional pharmacist, and delivery service, makes Apotek K-24 deserves to win the award. Moreover, the partnership with K24Klik online pharmacy actually helps to serve online customers. It is undeniable that Apotek K-24 can prove itself as the health companion for Indonesian people.