Hermawan Kartajaya, Komisaris PT K-24 Indonesia drg. Inge Santoso, Sri Sultan HB X dan Direktur Utama PT Pos Indonesia, I Ketut Mardjana foto bersama pemenang. Foto: Pramesthi R 

YOGYA (KRjogja.com) - Wirausaha muda pemula, Rizal Kasim dari Ceraproduction.com terpilih menjadi Ikon Wirausaha Muda Pemula 2013 di Yogyakarta pada Indonesia Marketeers Festival 2013, di Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta, Selasa (28/5). Rizal Kasim juga berkesempatan untuk mengikuti kontes nasional Marketeers Youth Startup Icon 2013 di Jakarta, Desember mendatang.

Acara yang baru pertama kali diselenggarakan di Yogyakarta ini mengusung tema 'On Becoming Local Champion' dan menjadi ajang bertemunya para juara pemasaran dari perusahaan swasta, BUMN, dan sektor pemerintahan di DIY.

Kegiatan ini juga menghadirkan pakar-pakar marketing untuk mengupas strategi dan evaluasi marketing agar perusahaan internasional, nasional dan lokal yang ada di Yogya bisa menjadi The Local Champion. Hadir pula PT Pos Indonesia yang menjadi juara nasional perusahaan BUMN dalam melakukan turn around.
Pada kesempatan itu, dianugerahkan Jogja Marketeers Champion 2013 yang diberikan kepada juara lokal (individu, bukan perusahaan) yang memiliki reputasi, gebrakan pemasaran yang luar biasa, dan prestasi yang terus melambung di kancah dunia pemasaran Yogya. Penghargaan diberikan tim editor Majalah Marketeers bersama MarkPlus, Inc.

Para pemenang untuk kategori Financial Services Industry adalah Bambang Setyo Pranoto (BPD DIY) dan Tri Bowo (BPR Bhakti Daya Ekonomi). Kategori Communication, High-Tech & Media dipercayakan pada Indra Dwi Haryadi (Telkomsel). Sedangkan pemenang kategori Automotive, Transportation & Logistic yaitu Darmawan Tjondrodihardjo (Astra International - HSO Jogja), Fatrijanto (Nasmoco). 

Kategori Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Consumer dimenangkan Anoor Arief (Dagadu), Gideon Hartono (K-24 Indonesia), Hamzah Hendro Sutikno (Mirota Batik). Sementara kategori Resources & Utilities dimenangkan Rahmad Edy Cahyono (Madu Baru). Untuk kategori Goverment & Public Services dimenangkan Haryadi Suyuti (Walikota Yogya).

Gubernur DIY Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X mengungkapkan, festival ini diharapkan bisa menjadi media yang membangun interaksi, proses ide dan pengalaman, khususnya dalam strategi marketing. 

"Untuk itu, saya mengajak teman-teman untuk betul-betul menjadi local champion. Local champion bukan berarti jago kandang, tapi secara nasional harus mengenali daerah masing-masing," tambah Founder & CEO MarkPlus, Inc, Hermawan Kartajaya. 


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I enjoyed reading this article explaining the rationale behind the percentages of material recommended in CCSS. Although I knew very little about CCSS at this time last year, and as a middle school administrator I did NOT want one more thing to prove my urban students were not competent, I agreed to become a trained facilitator for ELA. I LOVE teaching. I LOVE an integrated approach. And I LOVE project based learning for students. CCSS gives good teachers tremendous flexibility. I consider it the first attempt to professionalize teaching since NCLB started tearing it down. One aspect that has been left out of this particular discussion is the deliberate teaching ELA standards in social studies, science, and technical subject area. When you take that into consideration, the 30/70 split at the high school level is no different from previous secondary ed expectations. The new wrinkle is the expectation for all of the teachers to take part in ELA standards. Something as simple as having common expectations for student products when writing is required makes a huge difference in student performance. We changed our focus as teachers last year, and the students became better writers. I hope others also see the potential for stronger readers and writers across all domains as a result of this change. Now having said that, I think the death of a good idea will be the test used to assess student progress in the future…

22-06-2013 13:50:09


Amy its so true what you're saying and so levloy to hear you saying you're 'finally enjoying your kids'! It was levloy to see your smiling face as we passed eachother on the road today. :-)

22-06-2013 15:17:29


kippdawson,I would LOVE to come there. At least you all are doing something about this mess.I've never reeviecd anything buy glowing evaluations either, one of them THE DAY BEFORE I was put on the improvement plan. Walk-thrus? I'm always in the upper quadrants. It seems I work in a Stepford school now. I talk and talk and talk, and I see their eyes moving, and nothing registers. It's scary. I've taken to recording every meeting I have to go to now, and I will not meet with my principal alone again. When she asked me for my feedback on the plan, and I tried to respond several times only to be cut off each time, I asked if I could finish my sentence, and she bared her teeth and lunged toward me across her desk. And through all of this, I STILL think that 20+ days of assessment in one semester is excessive, and I've said so. I think they're just trying to shut me up by sabotaging my career.

22-06-2013 16:53:10


It kind of proves the point of eyorvene complaining about how idiotic the people in educational bureaucracy really are, doesn't it? It didn't take me more than a couple of months as a teacher over a decade ago to realize that the:State Boards of Education,Many Colleges of Education,Many big-city school upper level admin,Educational coaches,and too many principals were lucky to have jobs, let alone jobs that paid way more than me. Was it so hard to imagine that when left in control, they destroy whatever system that they were running.In urban areas, if the police can't or aren't controlling crime, the commissioner is fired and someone else is brought in. Same with the fire departement, Streets and Sanitation, and most other departments. Yet in education, Arne Duncan has been continually employed and promoted even though he has overseen spectacular failures. Start throwing out the people at the top and we'll get much more improvement than working up from the bottom.

23-06-2013 00:20:16


And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for settnig me straight.

23-06-2013 05:04:56

Wedding Organiser Jogja

Artikel yang menarik...kita semua harus dapat menjadi local champion di daerah kita masing-masing

02-07-2013 08:03:06

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